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High Fives

A Bit About Us

Upward Bound, the oldest of a series of programs known as TRIO programs, was created as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.”  TRIO programs sought to provide educational opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background or economic circumstance. Upward Bound is a highly successful, college preparatory program of rigorous academic instruction, individual tutoring and counseling for potential first-generation or low-income college-bound graduates.

Since 1971, Johnson C. Smith University’s Upward Bound Program has helped thousands of students prepare for a successful college education.  In an effort to provide students with the skills needed to enter and complete a college or university of their choice, students participate in the Program throughout high school on a year-round basis.  This structure is designed to help ensure their continued education. Upward Bound is divided into three components:

 1) Academic

 2) Summer

 3) Bridge

Services are designed to the develop essential skills, study habits and discipline necessary for success in high school and college.   

The Academic Year services include:


Academic Saturday Classes

College preparatory and career planning workshops

College and university visits

Study skills and test-taking strategy workshops

Academic and personal counseling sessions

Field trips to local businesses or cultural centers

Personal development workshops Parent Seminars

Tutorials and Academic Saturday classes will be conducted and geared to high school course content and skills development. 

The Summer Institute provides students with a simulated college experience, thus taking the fear out of attending college. It provides students with the opportunity to develop academic and human relationship skills and exposes students to a college environment, including residential living.

Upward Bound seniors who successfully graduate from high school may participate in the final Program experience - the Bridge Program.  The Program will assist participants in “bridging”  the gap from high school to college by providing actual college preparation.  Participants who successfully complete the Bridge Program, will receive:

College Credit

Career Development

Financial Literacy

The College Experience

Career/Work Study Research and Pay

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